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Portable Money Counter Bill Counter Silver LCD Money Counting Machine Portable Money Counter Bill Counter Silver LCD Money Counting Machine
Portable Money Counter Bill Counter Silver LCD Money Counting Machine Portable Money Counter Bill Counter Silver LCD Money Counting Machine


Portable Money Counter Bill Counter Silver LCD Money Counting Machine

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UNION 0710 money counting machine, whose small size belies powerful features, ensures that it not only fits seamlessly into any workspace, but also significantly increases the efficiency of money counting tasks.
  • 0710


Product Introduction

The compact design of the UNION 0710 money counting device may deceive you, but it actually packs a punch with its impressive capabilities. It effortlessly blends into any work environment and greatly enhances the speed and accuracy of counting money. Its easy-to-carry nature provides unmatched convenience to users, making it a reliable companion for both individuals and businesses.

Product Advantage

1. The machine utilizes various sensors such as UV, MG, IR, Color, and Size detection to ensure precise counting, increasing accuracy.

2. An alarm system is triggered whenever suspicious notes are detected.

3. The machine can automatically identify half-price notes, chain tickets, and double tickets, enhancing the trustworthiness of your financial transactions.

4. It can calculate the total value of mixed denomination currency, accommodating the different types of currency you may have.

5. The machine offers batch, add, and self-examination functions, guaranteeing a comprehensive and efficient counting experience.

6. It is compatible with the majority of currencies used worldwide.

Product Uses

The following are four specific application scenarios of the money counting machine:


Retail Transactions

When it comes to retail stores, it is crucial for cashiers to efficiently count and verify the total sales revenue. To ensure a smooth and error-free reconciliation process, cash counting machines come to the rescue by swiftly and accurately tallying the cash received from different transactions.


Banking Operations

In a banking setting, especially during busy periods, the ability to rapidly and precisely count large sums of money is of utmost importance. Currency counters have become an essential tool for bank tellers to handle customer deposits, withdrawals, and other financial transactions. By doing so, they enhance operational efficiency and minimize the risk of mistakes.


Selling Event Tickets

At major events like concerts or sports games, cash is the primary mode of payment for ticket sales. Organizers rely on cash counters to effectively manage the incoming cash flow. These machines simplify the process of calculating ticket revenues, providing event organizers with a swift and accurate overview of their earnings.


Small Businesses And Boutiques

Small-scale enterprises, including specialty stores and boutiques, reap advantages from utilizing cash counting machines due to their straightforwardness and effectiveness. These machines aid proprietors in maintaining accurate documentation of daily transactions and minimize the amount of time dedicated to manual counting.

Hopper Capacity
100 Old Banknotes/200 New Banknotes
Stacker Capacity
100 Old Banknotes/200 New Banknotes
Counting Speed
Power Supply
AC 100-240V/50-60HZ
Machine Size
Power Consumption
Size of Countable Notes
Thickness of Countable Notes
UNION 0710

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