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2024 ECB Approved Top Loading 2 CIS Bill Counter Mixed Bill Counter

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It is a UNION 60B top-loader machine.
  • 60B


Product Introduction

It is a UNION 60B top-loader machine. With a CIS image sensor, it can make your currency counting process more accurate. This machine supports multiple currencies and can also handle two different currencies simultaneously. It can automatically calculate the total quantity, total denomination, and the quantity of each denomination separately. It comes with various modes, currency switching, presets, accumulation, display, settings, speed adjustment, and printing features.

Product Advantage

1. Multi-currency applicability:

This cash counting machine supports multiple currencies, suitable for customers engaged in international trade currency operations; it can also support putting two different country currencies into the machine at the same time.

2.Data support: covering nearly 70 international currencies, ensuring global business needs.

3. Intelligent recognition:

The cash counting machine's intelligent recognition function can automatically identify different denominations, damaged or counted banknotes, improving the convenience and accuracy of operations.

4. Mixed denomination cash counting machine:

For enterprises dealing with various denominations, the mixed denomination cash counting machine provides a valuable solution. These machines can accurately count and classify mixed banknotes, saving time for manual currency classification. This feature is particularly beneficial for banks, cash in transit services, and enterprises with high cash turnover."

Product Uses

The following are four specific application scenarios of the money counting machine:


Banks and financial institutions

Banks and financial institutions often need to deal with large amounts of cash, and bill-counting machines can help them count bills quickly and accurately, improving work efficiency.


Government agencies

handle cash transactions such as taxes and fines to improve work efficiency and reduce errors.


Supermarkets and convenience stores

handle large amounts of cash transactions and speed up checkout.


Hotels and restaurants

Quickly count cash and make sure the accounts are accurate.

Hopper Capacity
Stacker Capacity
Power Supply
AC 100-240V/50-60HZ
Counting Speed
Machine Size
Power Consumption
Size of Countable Notes
Thickness of Countable Notes

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