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Company Profile

Zhejiang Union (Wanlian) Electric Co., Ltd.: Innovation and Quality at the Forefron
Rapid Growth and Development
Foundation: With a 60 million yuan investment, Union has established itself as 
a high-tech leader in financial equipment and consumer electronics.Advanced Facilities: Our operations are centered in two modern production bases in Wenzhou, highlighting our commitment to technological advancement.
Achievements and Recognition
Certifications: Union proudly holds ISO9000, CQC, CE, and EICC certifications, demonstrating our dedication to quality and sustainability.
Awards: We have been honored with titles such as National High-tech Enterprise and Zhejiang Science & Technology Enterprise, reflecting our industry leadership.
Diverse Product Range
Union's portfolio includes financial equipment, household appliances, electronic cables, and more, catering to a wide range of market needs.Commitment to Society and Environment We are dedicated to sustainable practices and contributing positively to society, underscoring our role as a responsible corporate citizen.Vision for the Future Our vision is to be a global leader in technology and manufacturing, constantly innovating for a better tomorrow.Expert Team Union's growth is driven by an experienced technical and management team, committed to excellence in all aspects of our operations.Join us at Union in shaping a future where technology enhances life and drives progress.

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Union's durable and portable money counters – perfect for businesses on the move.

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Join us at Union in shaping a future 
where technology enhances life and 
drives progress.

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Add: Songqiao Industrial Zone, 
Pingyang, Wenzhou City, China
E-Mail: kita@zjunion.cn
Tel: +86-13738899274

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