Extensive Financial Equipment Product Range

To Meet The Demand Of

The Financial Equipment 


Banking and Financial Institutions

Our advanced, multi-currency bill counters and sorting machines, equipped with sophisticated counterfeit ...

Retail Sector

For retail clients, we offer compact, high-speed bill counters and currency detectors,  enhancing checkout efficiency and reducing counterfeit risks...

High-Tech Enterprise Specializing 
In Financial Equipment

With a 60 million yuan investment, Union has established 
itself as a high-tech leader in financial equipment and 
consumer electronics.Union's portfolio includes financial 
equipment, household appliances, electronic cables...

Why Choose Us

Our vision is to be a global leader in technology and manufacturing, constantly 
innovating for a better tomorrow.

01. Foundation

Union has established itself as a 
high-tech leader in financial 
equipment and consumer electronics.

02. Certifications

Union proudly holds ISO9000, CQC, 
CE, and EICC certifications, demonstrating our dedication to 
quality and sustainability.

03. Expert Team

Union's growth is driven by an experienced technical and management team, committed 
to excellence in all aspects of 
our operations.

OEM Service For Specific

Our money counters are designed to provide the most reliable currency 
detection solution for your needs.



Requirement Gathering 
Design and Prototyping 
Quality Assurance


Ability to adapt to various currency types 
and counting needs.Incorporating client 
branding for a personalized touch.



Our bespoke approach ensures clients 
receive a product that perfectly fits their 
operational needs and brand identity.

Get in Touch With Union

Union's durable and portable money counters – perfect for businesses on the move.

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Blogs Of Banknote Counter And Detector

Join us at Union in shaping a future 
where technology enhances life and 
drives progress.

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Pingyang, Wenzhou City, China
E-Mail: kita@zjunion.cn
Tel: +86-13738899274

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