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Bill Counter Cash Counting Machine Counterfeit Detection Purple Gray Bill Counter

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UNION C01 is a high-performance money counting machine, designed to streamline your cash management process.
  • C01


Production Introduction

The UNION C01 is a high-performance Multi-function Money Counting Machine, designed to streamline your cash management process. This Automatic Cash Counting Machine Bill Counter can maintain functional stability while checking many bills at once. Additionally, the Purple Gray Bill Counter features dual LED screens, ensuring clear visibility and making it easy to read the count from multiple angles. With its advanced three-point counterfeit detection system, you can trust that every bill is thoroughly examined for authenticity.

Product Advantage

  1. For multinational currencies:
    The Mixed Currency Counting Machine supports various currencies, such as USD, EUR, and CNY.

  2. Double LED display screen:
    Providing clear visibility from multiple angles, this purple Money Counter ensures you can easily track your count.

  3. Advanced detection features:
    With UV, MG, and IR detection while counting, the Counterfeit Detection Money Counting Machine ensures the authenticity of each bill.

  4. Alert system:
    An alert is triggered upon detection of questionable notes, making it a reliable purple Counterfeit Money Detector.

  5. Automatic detection:
    The machine automatically detects half-notes, chained-notes, and double-notes, ensuring precise counting every time. It also functions as a purple Fake Money Machine Bill Counter with batch, add, and self-examination capabilities.

  6. Batch and add functions:
    Equipped with batch, add, and self-examination functions, this purple Counterfeit Money Detector simplifies the cash handling process.

  7. Software updates:
    The software can be updated through the RS-232 port, ensuring that the purple Counterfeit Money Detector stays current with the latest detection capabilities.

Product Uses

Here are three specific application scenarios of our money counters:


Commercial Retail

Within the realm of retail, particularly in expansive supermarkets and department stores, cash counting devices are employed to swiftly tally and authenticate cash earnings. This practice curtails the likelihood of human mistakes and deceit, while expediting the checkout process.


Hotel And Catering Industry

Cash counters are beneficial for places that typically handle substantial cash payments. They aid in swiftly and accurately calculating and storing cash receipts, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of financial administration.


Gaming Industry

Money counting machines are employed to tally and authenticate lottery earnings, diminishing deceit and errors in calculations.

Hopper Capacity
150 Old Banknotes/200 New Banknotes
Stacker Capacity
150 Old Banknotes/200 New Banknotes
Counting Speed
Power Supply
AC 100-240V/50-60HZ
Machine Size
Power Consumption
Thickness of Countable Notes
Size of Countable Notes

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